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My terrible horrible no good awful day
Altair advice
So, this is officially the Monday from hell, or it would be if I felt like getting upset.  As it happens, I am immune to the evil computer beast, because it has failed to take away the truly important things in life.  Like music.  And art.  Because I am an obsessive back-up freak. It was time to clean out my pictures anyway.  And let's face it - I didn't need my entire Itunes library.  I didn't listen to fifty percent of it anyway.  And that outline I was supposed to work on tonight?  Nah, I didn't need that either - I have it in hard copy downstairs and on my H drive at school.  So hah, computer - take that.  I do miss Adobe flash player and a few other applications, but I can live without them for a few days. 

In case you had not gotten what's happened from this rambling, my computer has seen fit to convert my Documents and Settings folder from a folder to a file.  It has locked me out of my administrator account and refused to let me open applications like Windows Office.  The crazy part of this is that I'm not half as angry as I thought I would be.  I'm more pissed off that the history department saw fit to cancel a class I was looking forward to.  Or that my keychain broke today.  The good news is that the computer will still start, meaning that I can access the internet, which is the important part of this equation.


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