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Tired and Sick and above all else hurting
Altair advice
I am so tired of war.  I am tired of people dying, I am tired of people hurting, I am tired of violence. 

I've never really been the type for mercy.  I grew from a pragmatic child into a pragmatic adult and I have never had much in the way of mercy, at least not when it comes to other sentient beings.  I have plenty of mercy for animals - animals don't hurt other animals for the fun of it mostly - unless of course we're talking about cats, and I don't really like cats.  I despise most of my own species.  It's a sad statement, but I hate my people.  They pollute, and they kill, and they do all of it without stopping to think about what they're doing.  They fear what they don't understand and their automatic reaction is to kill whatever they fear.  98% of them simply don't think the same way I do, and it is so very hard to reason with them.  All the same, though, I am sick of watching it all happen and doing nothing to prevent it.  

I'm only 21 and yet I feel like I've lived through a few dozen wars.  I felt that way at 18, too, and it hasn't gotten any better - I've just gotten a little easier to hurt somewhere along the way.  


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